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Monday, June 25th, 2007
11:12 am
CD:A Different Light
Reveiw: For all you music lovers looking for something a little bit more nostalgic with anything from piano to organ-synthesizer, Sherwood's "A different Light" might be just what you've been waiting for.  It's the regular mix of alternative rock and pop with the less-than-powerful male vocals mixed with an assortment of piano-related instruments and an up-beat dance around feel. Fans of motion city soundtrack rejoice.
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Monday, May 28th, 2007
3:25 pm
Band:Stare Radio
CD:Us against the crown
Review: Chad Urmston of dispatch's new band's first release- and a good one at that. It's got a reggae feel to it that keeps it's roots in the rock genre. Their songs can range from subject matter such as spending "three days in a concret fall-out" to finding alternative ways to pay for a meal. The up-beat riffs of "diner song" to the straight-up guitar driven bridge in "waitress", this album will have even the most non-musical person swaying or nodding while also appealing to activists and flat-out music fans. Recomended summer music.
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Sunday, May 27th, 2007
12:39 pm
Band: The used
CD: Lies for the liars
Rating: 3.5/5
Review: Guitarist Quinn Allman earlier commented that being considered a scremo band was "strangling" the used. This might explain the softer, more melodic dementor of Lies. The new relese incorporrates more instrumental elements, using horn and string tracks on songs such as "Bird and the Worm" and "wake the dead". Bert McCracken's voice no longer makes you wonder if he has health insirance-The screaming has been reduced to a minimum and McCracken's vocal talent become apparent to those you scorned it on the earlier CDs. This is good music-from the dance your ass off chorus of "the ripper" to the two bonus tracks you get on the CD-depending on where you get it-But it's nothing horribly remarkable.
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Saturday, January 13th, 2007
8:54 pm
Band: +44 [plus fourty-four]
When your heart stops beating
reveiw:Two thirds of indefinatly hiatised pop-punk band Blink-182(Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker) join together with Shane Gallagher(the nervouse return) and Craig Fairbaugh(the mercy killers, transplants) to put out a new album during their former band's 'break'-up. If there was an album between "take off your pants and jacket" and "Blink182" this would be it. Energetic to slower-paced love songs with a matured, some-what nostalgic edge. While not anything ground-breaking, it is a great album. Well worth your time and money. Enjoy. (parental advisory)
Thursday, December 28th, 2006
10:37 pm
we're up to no good, we're up to no good.
Review: The first full lenight album from the quintet of Orlando natives is, in a word, good. But not great. Produced by Mark Hoppus of Blink-182, the vocals are, for the most part, half-screams that are somehow melodic in their relativly high pitch. When the vocals are begin Sung, though, they have a strange effect that encourges the listener to sing along. The lyric's subject ranges from a murder to personal relationships. Bouncy guitar riffs accomidate the words and the drum track seems to urge the song into the chorus, and there is the occasional Bass solo. Rory will appeal to fans of Spill Canvas and Punchline looking for something a bit heavier to entreat their ears.
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Tuesday, December 12th, 2006
4:35 pm
Motion city soundtrack
Band:Motion city soundtrack
CD:Commit this to memory  
review:Maybe you've heard of them, maybe you havn't. But regardless, you shoud listen to them. This band has a wonderfully up-beat sound and almost-poppy melodies, using an instrument called a Moog to get 80s synthesiszer sounds. Right about now, you might be wondering if I've gone mainstream on you-not really. Listen to the lyrics under their layer of bubble-gum rock, and you get a completely different picture. The songs are about addiction, failed relationships, therapy, and feelings of alienation and displacment, among other things. But with a positive spin, of coarse(haha). I think quite a few people would like at least one song from this record for one reason or another. Weather you're trying to tell people that "everything is alright" or listening in shock to "L.G. Fuad", or even just being fed up with the common cold as in "attractive today". (Parental discression advised)
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Sunday, December 10th, 2006
3:51 pm
Boys like girls
Band:Boys like girls (John Keefe (drums), Bryan Donahue (bass) and Paul DiGiovanni (lead guitar), matin johnson)
CD/TOUR: selft titled-Boys like girls
Rating: 4
Review/account: For their first apperance, Boys like girls have done a pretty good job. It's a catchy album that has you from the teenaged anthem "the great escape" and keeps you listening with Martin Johnson's vocal range that goes from a high soprano to alto and sometimes verges on the edge of a scream, but never reaches breaking point. The lyrics are relatable and heart-felt while perfectly co-ensiding with the guitar riffs. It's an album you can take for your own, and while the 'getting out of town and finding yourself' theme is a little cliche, Boys like girls gives it new life.
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3:33 pm
Alright, This community is for anyone that has something to say about a band, concert, or CD.
But there has to be some method to the madness-
therefore I have devised this format thing for people who post to use:

Link: (for music sample/ offical website)

not too hard to follow, I hope.
Any genre is welcome,
But so is expressing your own opinion.
fall in love, complain, critisize, compliment, and always remeber:
A good song is a good song-no matter who is playing it.


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